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Stretch-n-Grow is the world's largest network of certified youth fitness professionals providing fun and engaging enrichment programs that get kids moving!
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Your One Stop Shop for Enrichment Fun!

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Our programs engage kids, excite parents, and enhance school curriculum!
We specialize in high-quality, FUN exercise experiences that get kids moving!



We deliver on our promises and strive to meet and exceed expectations, creating the best programs, taught by the best people and delivered in the best places.

Energy & Enthusiasm

We engage the kids with joy and excitement in every class, and our energy fills the school. We make growing up fun!

Teaming Up for our kids

We aim to partner with schools and parents to reach our common goal:
happy, healthy, and successful kids.

Investing in People

We give more than our programs to our schools, families, and staff. We give them time, resources, and our hearts because we’re dedicated to making their lives better in our way.

Leading with Faith

Our faith based core values are at the center of everything we do.

Balancing Work & Play

Luckily, our work IS play.
So this one is pretty easy for us.

What our Happy Customers are Saying about Stretch-n-Grow:

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Through Fitness Stars, we know how to capture that high energy so common in preschoolers and turn it into an adventure.
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Stretch-n-Grow Star


Everyone joins in on the fun to enjoy team-building activities outdoors like relay races, obstacle courses, and more!
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We're Looking for
a Few Good Kids!

Certified fitness instructors lead continuous, vigorous activity that incorporates endurance, strength, flexibility and motor skill development – and FUN!
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All-Star Sports by Stretch-n-Grow

Where Little Athletes
Become Big Stars

With All-Star Sports, we introduce the skills and techniques for a FUN mix of sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, football, field hockey, and track & field.
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Music Stars by Stretch-n-Grow

It's "Tones" of Fun!

Helping kids develop a love for music and build a base for future learning through the power of music.

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